Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

I could wake up to the sound of waves crashing just outside my window. I could sip coffee on the porch in the early afternoon looking out over the lake. I could scurry through a crowded city headed from one meeting to the next with new and eager clients. I could stand on stage and sing my heart out as there is a low murmur from the audience singing along with me. I could watch the lightbulb go off for a student who finally understands the main idea during class. I could travel from city toI’m not quite sure what I want to do with my life, but there are so many options that I’m not sure how to decide.

When I was little, I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I wanted to be Hillary Duff. I wanted to sing in front of huge crowds and belt out the lyrics to catchy songs while all of the fans screamed them back with me, covering each note of every melody. Two days later, I wanted to write my own book about a turtle who was constantly going on adventures with all of his animal friends. The next month, I wanted to create my own clothing line, swim professionally, and be a professional ice cream taste-tester all at once. I wanted to do so many different things.

I still want to do so many different things. The only issue now is that this particular concept can seem impossible.

For the past few years it has been clear to me and to everyone around me what path I am going to take for my future. I am sure that I will find this career to be extraordinarily rewarding and that I will be 100% happy doing it. But part of me thinks of what other avenues I can venture down. Society wants me to figure out exactly what I will do with the rest of my life right now, or at least it seems that way. I’m nervous that I’ll make a mistake or that I already have. That’s a shame. What is an even bigger shame is that it is often frowned upon to do too many things and not just focus on one. I’ve always been told that it isn’t helpful in life to be a “jack of all trades and master of none, but what if that’s what I want? Or maybe even to prove the entire system wrong and strive to be a master of multiple? I surely hope that that isn’t a crime. Right now, I’m not ready to only do one thing. That is something that I know to be fact. I want to be motivated enough to master a few things that I really love and prove parts of society wrong.

Maybe someday, whether it be in the near future or quite a ways off in the distance, I’ll figure it out. I’ll figure out just what I was meant to do. And who knows, maybe I will prove that we can do everything that we love. It can’t be impossible. It isn’t impossible.


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