Find Your People and Your Happy

Some people have the ability to change your mood entirely. There are those select few in your life that make you so happy just by being around you – the ones that don’t have to say anything, but their presence makes everything better. Those are the people you need to keep around.

Yes, you should ultimately be the one making yourself happy. You are the one who is in charge of your own emotions, after all. But having those positive influences in your life provides good energy. It provides other outlooks of happiness for you to relate to and feed off of. Happiness is contagious. That is a fact.

I am lucky enough to have found these people. My friends are some of the most supportive people I have ever met in life. Both at school and at home, I have managed to surround myself with beautiful people that I truly care about. They make me smile and always know what to say in every situation. I would be an entirely different person without them. I am forever thankful for the kindness they give and the happiness they bring.

Find your people. Look for the individuals who make you feel good about yourself and are all around positive lights. There is nothing better than knowing that there are people that you can count on and that they feel that they can count on you.

Look up at the stars tonight with the people that mean something to you and wish for true happiness. Then go make it happen.


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